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Thursday, July 17, 2008
  Character Assassination

A human being moves about in this world in his physical body and by his interactions with the people around him he builds a persona for himself in other peoples memory. Depending upon the virtue of his actions the person is said to have either a good or a bad character. However the distance between the imaginary points of having a good or a bad character is huge. A million miles so to say. And it is within this distance that character assassination takes place.

A man builds a character for himself by carefully decided actions, by cautiously selected words thereby positively strengthening each of the relationship that he has with his surrounding society. And when you consciously or unconsciously, in a very shrewd manner, keep on high lighting a person’s negative points in his absence, that is what I mean by character assassination.

Where do we get to see this? From the filthy world of politics to within your own house this trick is played by all. Enemies surely use it. Friends don’t refrain from it. The bud becomes a flower if you are relatively able to elevate your own position. And because it involves your own progress at someone else’s cost, aptly used is the word character assassination. And the naked truth is that we all use it occasionally.

The essence of character assassination is that the victim will never be aware who the culprit is and even the person in front of whom you are playing this trick remains unaware of your true intentions. The effect is long term and fully realized when the trickster makes it work like slow poison. It becomes all the more easy to achieve if you form a small group of people around you who would add the necessary pinch of salt from time to time.

By careful observations of the people around me I have come to understand these societal survival techniques. It is the survival of the fittest coined Dickens. All the more true it is in today’s fiercely competing world which mythologically is said to be the kalyug. And from these observations I write the way in which people carry out this trick. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach they say. Similarly the way to someone’s mind is through his thoughts. You pick you the negative thought expressed about the victim, agree to it, strengthen it and keep doing this again and again over a period of time just as you drive a nail into a wall. Depending on the victims relationship, this process may lead to varying degrees of success or sometimes may not succeed at all and will be all the more dangerous if it backfires. It becomes easier to achieve if the people have recently met and impossible if the relationship exists for a very long time.

Every relationship has to pass the test of time and character assassination is the toughest of them all. If you suddenly realize someone’s developing distaste for yourself, someone’s suddenly frowning upon you be aware upright. You could be a victim too. For a person who has been a victim many times, sensing this becomes easy, though it requires all the more intelligence to give it back to the culprit in his own ways. Owing to this some relationships come to an end, some flourish even further and the bond grows even stronger. It is all a matter of faith that one person bestows upon the other and how much is one willing to let one’s mind be influenced by others.

If after all this reading you still have failed to understand the meaning of what I have tried to explain maybe you need to catch up with a few saas bahu serials. Character Assassination is a ‘buttered in english’ word to our natively used word ‘chugli’ and ‘kaan bharne’.


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