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Sunday, October 25, 2009
  Hope... in the form of Obama.
"Common sense has finally prevailed over ambitions." was the response of the Deputy Defense Minister of Russia in response to the decision of the United States to drop its plans to deploy missiles over the European Continent particularly in Poland in order to protect itself from a possible Russian threat. Now Russia itself has begun to cool its own heels to deploy missiles in western Russia which it had proposed to do in response to US's ambitious plans.

Now till date I have been a skeptic about Obama, but this step of his has really given me a good feel about this President, who is diametrically distinct from his predecessor 'Blunder Bush'. For a matter of fact, this President is really for Change. He reached out to the Muslim World stating categorically that America is not an enemy of Islam or Muslims. Now that definitely has been registered with the educated Muslim population.

It has got me thinking over the past few days if Americas role in world politics had been a little different and a little less opportunistic, would we have been living in a far safer world today? I mean they helped the Taliban against Russia in Afghanistan and now the same Taliban struck down the prestigious symbols of American power. It would make no sense to arm Pakistan with the state of art fighter planes F-16's as a reward for its role in Global Terrorism when it is widely understood that Pakistan is itself the epicenter of Global Terrorism.

And now they are willing to supply Nuclear Fuel to India to power our reactors by the path breaking 1-2-3 agreement that the Bush government signed on its way out of office. So was that a reward for something? For having faced the maximum number of terror attacks on our land or for having maximum number of innocent citizens killed amongst all countries in the world over the past 50 years. Maybe Gandhi was right. Two different states of India and Pakistan should never have been carved. Or is it to empower India against the rising Chinese super power in the world. But China definitely has a thing into US's A** for they hold tremendous influence over the US's currency. It’s the financial markets and the World Trade Organization which is the battlefield where the US - China was is going to be fought over the near future. So much so for my thoughts, I’ll keep updating them over here. But for the time being I definitely appreciate the one step backward by the American President. Well Done Mr. President.

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