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Sunday, September 14, 2008
  The story of wildest dreams and dreaded fears.
After contemplating for 3 weeks while on bed rest I’ve some thoughts to put to you. Not thoughts but questions actually. These were just stray thoughts that crossed my mind a few months ago and it is during these 3 weeks that I have been able to bundle them up in a framework and articulate them before you.

I am a man of the stock markets. The people who made it big in this field have rightly put it saying it is only the two emotions of a human being that govern the stock markets. And they are greed and fear.

What does greed mean? Here I assume it to be an irresistible urge for more. Is it not true? And when he gets more it means more happiness to this person. Simply speaking a man is greedy for all the worldly things for the want of happiness. So to remove things from the context of the stock markets and put them up on a bigger canvas of life I replace greed by happiness and keep fear as it is and try to analyze one of the mind-boggling realities of life that I have come to realize.

We all have dreams. Some very stupid, some ambitious, some wild and some very mature. But among all these we have one that could be the wildest of all that we really want to come true.

And then we have the second emotion of fear. Fear means a real worldly fear, just not the fear of not attaining your dreams.

But why does it happen so often in life that our greatest fears come true but our wildest dreams don’t?

I guess you may need to read the above sentence again and may be once again to understand the depth and the gravity of it.

And this is the one question that has left me perturbed over the past many months and maybe I’ll attempt an answer to this. If you are not an introvert then definitely you wouldn’t understand why this question is such a big deal and you may stop reading here.

The human mind is one of the greatest creations of God that acts like another human being without a physical body. Latest scientific research has shown that the hypothalamus that is situated in the brain could be the only possible physical connector between the metaphysical mind and the human body. So the human mind is a representation of you in the so-called supernatural world.

So what do we do with our dreams and our mind? We live them. We live and experience our dreams getting real in our minds itself. But as far as our fears are concerned we never even think of them, which mean we do not live them in our minds.

I’m not sure if you agree with this kind of a meta-physical answer to a disputable question but then this is one of the difficult realities of life and people have agreed to this to some extent that this does happen.

I put forward two scenarios to you in support of my argument.

There is a student who will be appearing for his Board Exams very soon. Now this guy is very studious and very ambitious too. He wants to get the 1st Rank in the state. This is his dream and there’s nothing wrong with that. Then he starts imagining things as if this has already happened in reality. He pictures himself going on the stage and receiving a medal from the Chief Minster in recognition of his efforts. Unfortunately he has lived his dream. And so it never comes true.

Now picture another scenario of a swimming pool. There is a small child accompanied by his father with the latter’s intention that the boy learns swimming. This small child however is afraid of the water even though there is a float on his back and he fears to leave the railing on the sides. So what does this father do? He pulls his child out from the water and throws him into the middle where the railing is beyond his reach. And frantically the child is now trying to swim. And I suppose most of you would agree that this is how we learnt swimming.

What happens in the second case? The child’s worst dream has come true for him. However the child learnt to swim because of this act of his father. What does all this boil down to?

When we live our dreams in our mind they are almost equivalent to have come true and they never come true in the real world. Similarly if we live our worst fears in our minds then they also should be equivalent to have come true and possibly should never come true in this real world.


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