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Sunday, February 6, 2011
  King Khan.

Scene: Idea Filmfare Awards 2011.

Sonu Nigam is performing and walks up to ShahRukh to ask a few questions. Chats around a bit and then we have this –

“So ShahRukh how does it feel to be ShahRukh Khan?”

ShahRukh, scratching his head, and in his trademark style, “Well I have two answers for this. One that has been taught to me by my wife Gauri which is, it feels great to be here and breathe in the same air that all of you are breathing and share the stage with you. It makes me feel very humble and honored and privileged. And my answer to this question is, and mind you I always get a slap if I say this, but the truth is I was always born to be the King.”


The camera shows the faces of some co-stars in the audience. Awe Struck. Dumb struck.

Scene Ends.

What confidence, rather what arrogance. And probably it does take so much of blatant arrogance to make a ShahRukh Khan.

Mind you, as a young struggling actor he stood outside ‘Mannat’, a premium sea facing bungalow in the posh Bandra area in Bombay and said I am going to buy this bungalow one day. And today hundreds stand outside the same bungalow to catch a glimpse of the King of Bollywood.

At a certain degree we as humans are confident, stretch it a bit and we become over confident and stretch that even more and we become arrogant. Now take this arrogance to its extreme level and that’s when 360 meets 0 and that’s when khuda khud bandhe ko puchta hain ki bata teri raza kya hain. And that’s when ShahRukh Khan happens.

i really liked the end!
I am not a very big SRK fan... and I also kinda disagree that he is arrogant. I think some demure comes with the status! and he deserves to show off what he has earned all these days. He definitely a phenomenon! doesn't happen that rarely!
liked the post..keep writing, keep inspiring.. :)
If u 'Label' your posts, it will be very easy to pick up reads!

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