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Monday, September 12, 2016
  First Love

Her side hug tightened around him as the train drew into the train station. She lifted her head slightly that rested on his chest and she planted a gentle kiss on his left cheek. His hand moved from her waist to patting her slightly on her shoulder. She opened her eyes, which portrayed every bit of concern she had.

‘Don’t worry’, he said, ‘I am going to be back soon.’

‘I think I am going to miss you’

He smiled faintly looking into her. Men are not used to expressing such sentiments.

The sound of the train horn told them that the train was about to leave. She separated herself from his bear hug, rising slightly on her toes, gave him a hug putting her hand over his shoulder. He was six feet, she was five, a short girl who could hear his heart beat every time she hugged him.

The train horn reminded them again and he stepped on to the train. Standing at the door he looked back and waived his hand slightly. She planted a kiss on her fingers and pointed it towards him. One more smile and one more step into the train, he turned and waived again. The train had begun to move, and his tie and hair ruffled in the wind.

‘Bye’, she waived energetically, taking half a step in the direction of the trains movement. As the speed of the train increased, her raising pulse normaled. He was out of sight in 20 seconds.

No. He was not a soldier going for war. Nor was he going far away for a long period of time. He was just a normal guy, just graduated from college, hardly 21, going to work. Away from her for just a few hours.

Such was their love.

First Love.

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